**NEWS ALERT: With OSHA moving forward with promulgation of a comprehensive rule for crystalline silica in August 2013 a renewed interest in an old occupational disease will require industrial hygienists to become familiar with the requirements of the rule and the steps in preventing this disease. This was the message delivered by NISA members Andrew O'Brien (Unimin Corporation), Jamie Robinson (Unimin Corporation), Andy Cecala (NIOSH) and Robert Glenn (Glenn Consulting Group) at a recent Professional Development Course presented as part of the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exhibition (AIHce 2015) being held this week in Salt Lake City, UT.  To view the extensive slide deck used during the course, click here.

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 is a trade association representing the major North American producers and processors of industrial sand (sometimes called silica sand).  Founded in 1936, NISA is committed to advancing research and maintaining a dialogue with industry, legislators, regulatory agencies and the scientific community with respect to issues of concern to the industrial sand industry, including the potential health effects associated with the inhalation of respirable crystalline silica.

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