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Industrial Sand Products
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Although industrial sand is prevalent in nearly all aspects of our lives in every country in the world, very little is normally known about the important roles it plays in keeping our society running. Industrial sand along with other industrial minerals are the nearly invisible components within products from the simplest table plate to the most complicated medication.

 The properties of industrial sand are what make it so valuable. Properties such as, purity, grain size, color, inertness, hardness, and resistance to high temperatures make industrial sand irreplaceable in a variety of applications. The higher the silica content the more specialized and varied the uses, which is a key distinction between industrial sand and construction sand and gravel.

 Industrial sand is used in the production of abrasives, absorbents, ceramics, chemicals, fracking fluid, electronics, filtration media, glass, paint, metal castings, pigments and synthetic fibers, to name just a few of the ways industrial sand touches our lives every day.

Click through the links below to explore the way industrial sand is used in products you interact with and rely on day to day.


·      Ceramics and Refractories

·      Chemical Production

·      Construction

·      Filtration and Water Production

·      Glass Production

·      Metal Casting

·      Metal Production

·      Oil and Gas Recovery

·      Paint and Coatings

·      Recreational Products