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Filtration and Water Production
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Industrial sand is especially important in the provision of one the most basic human needs, clean water. Industrial sand is used in the filtration of drinking water, the processing of wastewater and the production of water from wells.  Filter sand is an effective filter agent because of its ability to hold back various impurities. Filter sand size, angularity, and hardness are some of the filter sand properties that ensure proper filtration at various levels of necessity.

Tap water filtering and wastewater management both pass through a complex route of cleaning and filtering, which is aided by the use of industrial sand. Uniformity in grain shapes and grain size distributions allows a safe and efficient bed operation to remove contaminants in both drinking water and wastewater. Silica is also the perfect filtration and water production material because it is chemically inert and will not react to acids. It does not react to volatile organics, solvents, or any contaminant.

Unrelated to its filtration applications, silica is also used as packing material in deep-water wells to increase the well’s yield by expanding the permeable zone around the well screen and preventing the infiltration of fine particles. Without industrial sand, our water would not be as safe or readily available for consumption as it is today.