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Metal Production
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Industrial sand plays a critical role in the production of a wide variety of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Silica is a necessary component in metal production. It plays a part in each step of the metal production process due to the variety of its applicability from the capacity to chemically alter other substances to the ability to refine materials. Specifically, industrial sand is used as a flux to decrease the melting point in viscosity of the slags. Silica increases the efficiency and reactivity of slags.

As a component of the process, lump silica may be used either on its own or in concurrence with lime to create the necessary acid/base ratio in order to purify the slag. The metals produced may then continue to be refined and altered to achieve desired properties. Silica enables the metals to retain the qualities of high strength, corrosion resistance, or electrical conductivity. Additionally, ferroalloys are vital in the production of specialty steel, and industrial sand is used by the steel and foundry industries to refine grains and for de-oxidation.